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Green and Black Lace Beads

I am proud to report that I made my first Etsy sale back on January 30. Woooohhhhhh!! Below are the behind the scene pictures of the beads that went into the first necklace that I sold.

Lace cane green start

Start with quarter blocks of translucent, hot green, silver, and black Sculpey clay.

 lace cane green conditioned

Roll out clay blocks with the pasta roller’s thickest setting.

lace cane green 1

First reduction.

lace cane green 2

Second round of reduction.

lace cane green 3

Final lace pattern (kind of looks like a peace sign).

lace cane green slice

Slice and separate the cane.

lace cane green base bead

Army of bead bases!

lace green teardrop

Also made some long teardrop beads to mix it up.

green lace polymer beads

Uncured beads chilling out.


Long chain necklace with three green lace teardrop focal beads.


Product packaging of my first sale!


One comment on “Green and Black Lace Beads

  1. I am impressed! No idea how to do it. How much hard work!

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