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Gold and Tan Lace Beads

After playing with the hot pink polymer clay, I switched my color pallet to something more neutral. I mixed a hint of Chocolate with White clay to make a very light tan color that you see in the middle below. I was disappointed that my silver layer was not very pronounced in my hot pink and black lace beads, so I added a thicker layer of gold polymer clay for this cane hoping that it will be more visible after the several rounds of reduction.

Lace Cane Start

After rolling out the above cylinder into a thin rope, I equally divide the rope into several sections and cluster them together as seen in the picture below. In the background, you can see the scrap clay that is made from tidying up the end of the rope or cylinder.

Lace cane 2

Then you repeat the process, further reducing the pattern into smaller sizes as seen below.

Lace Cane 3

I’m not sure if it’s my novice cane making skills, but I always seem to have quite a bit of scrap clay at the end of my reduced canes. You can see that the pattern isn’t fully preserved at the end of the rope, so I remove it to ensure a clean lace pattern.

Lace Cane 4

Finally after a third round of reduction, I am happy with the resulting lace pattern seen below. You can see that the exterior of the cane is no longer pure black, but rather it is streaked with the main colors of the pattern.

Lace Cane Finish

Next I created the thin slices to cover the beads.

Lace Cane Slices

I tried to be a little more regimented this time and tried to ensure that all the bead bases were of similar size. This is where all the scrap clay comes in handy.

Lace bead base

I also found a cool pattern for a metal crocheted ring that uses small teardrop beads to create a sunburst effect, so I also made some bead bases in the teardrop shape. You can see at the bottom right hand corner, the final size of the bead after being covered in the lace pattern versus the base.

Teardrop Bead

Voila! My set of tan and gold lace teardrop beads.

Teardrop Bead Finsih

And below is my set of normal round beads, with a pair of studs and left over cane thrown in there. I really enjoyed the way this pattern turned out, it’s very earthy and natural.

Lace Cane Tan and Gold Finish

Although this was the third batch of beads I made back in early December, I have only recently gotten around to sanding and buffing some of the tan and gold lace beads. Below is the first batch of finished beads. I plan to use these beads in a necklace that features bronze metal. Stay tuned for the finished product!

Tan polymer beads


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